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Leier utility network elements make it possible to modernize and speed up the construction of utility networks. They are suitable for the construction of non-pressure sewers, for the removal of rainwater, sewage and industrial waste water, the chemical composition of which does not damage concrete pipes and rubber pipe seals. In the case of exceeding the average, or the norm-prescribed load with chemical substances, we apply a protective coating and a durable sealing system.


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Do not hesitate to contact our sales managers directly, who will help you choose the right engineering elements, give professional advice and solve all your requirements.

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    Contact our product manager directly, who will prepare an estimate of the material according to your project, help you with planning or consult with you professionally on the entire construction.

    Product manager

    Ing. Sidonia Karlíková
    Tel.: +421 908 091 799
    E-mail: sidonia.karlikova@leier.sk