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As a manufacturer of building materials, we offer a wide range of quality products for every phase of construction. From engineering networks, through materials for rough construction, to garden products to complete the surroundings of the house and beautify the garden. In addition to the use of new production technologies, our main priority is the safety of health and ecological products. We use production technologies that respect ecological requirements. We constantly innovate our products and reinvest the generated profits into their development.

We support the domestic product. We built two plants in Slovakia - the Petrovany brickyard, which, thanks to its capacity and advanced technology, is among the most modern brickyards in Europe, and the plant for the production of Durisol in Bratislava, where Leier's headquarters are also located.

In 1965, the founder of the company - Mr. Michael Leier - laid the foundation stone of his business in Horitschon, the Austrian federal state of Burgenland, which is currently constantly expanding throughout Europe. Today, Leier's main headquarters for all international activities are located here.

Michael Leier started his career with the Spar Markt department store, and since 1970, his main field of activity has been the production of concrete products. In the 1980s, he expanded his business to the international market. As the clients' trust grew and their demands increased, he gradually enriched his business with several business activities (brick production, soil production, auto-moto, real estate business).

To this date, the Leier international group has more than 40 production plants and employs more than 2,200 workers in 7 European countries: Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, and Austria.

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