Outlet parts for concrete pipes - wall

Výtokové dielce na betónové potrubia – stenové

The retaining wall can be connected to TA pipes, diameters DN30, DN40, DN50, DN60, DN80, we can adapt the dimensions flexibly to customer requirements. Hole creation is optimized. We will ensure waterproofing with joint mortar or foam. Threads are built into the upper part of the walls, with the help of which we can manipulate the parts.

TypeNA opening (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Wall thickness (mm)Kg/pc
TFE 30 L30013001000140340
TFE 40 L40013001000140324
TFE 50 L50013001200140430
TFE 60 L60013001200140392
TFE 80 L80014501450140476

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