Shaft bottoms

Šachtové dná

LEIER shaft bottoms are designed for gravity loads (without overpressure). They can be used as underground cleaning shafts, they are suitable for the construction of sewerage networks in which the transported polluted water, rainwater or ground water does not damage the material of the concrete elements due to its chemical composition, nor does it have an aggressive effect on the connection of the elements. Manhole bottoms for mortar joints are produced with internal diameters of 800 and 1000 mm (AFE-L). We supply the version with a rubber seal only with a diameter of 1000 mm. It is possible to build in inserts for Smooth, Corrugated and Hobas pipes, which achieves maximum sealing. Manhole bottoms AFE 100/130 and 150/150 allow the connection of pipes with a diameter of DN50, DN 80, DN 100. Manhole bottoms are produced with or without kinematics. Standard shaft bottoms are made with 200, 300 and 400 mm diameters of the kinetotics. The creation of the kinet is controlled according to the complete flow height of the cross-section.

TitleInternal diameter
Wall thickness
AFE 80/50 L KN800120500550
AFE 80/75 L KN800120750770
AFE 80/100 L KN8001201000990
AFE 100/50 L KN1000150500950
AFE 100/75 L KN10001507501260
AFE 100/100 L KN100015010001550
AFE 100/130 L KN100020013003870
AFE 150/150 L KN1500x150015015004500
AFE 80/50 LK800120500735
AFE 80/75 LK800120750920
AFE 80/100 LK80012010001175
AFE 100/50 LK10001505001180
AFE 100/75 LK10001507501490
AFE 100/100 LK100015010001920
AFE 100/50 L/G KN10001505001020
AFE 100/75 L/G CN10001507501330
AFE 100/100 L/G CN100015010001620
AFE 100/130 L/G KN100020013003870
AFE 100/50 L/GK10001505001250
AFE 100/75 L/GK10001507501600
AFE 100/100 L/GK100015010001990

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