Outlet parts for concrete pipes - slope

Výtokové dielce na betónové potrubia – svahové

We manufacture concrete slope elements for slopes with a slope of 1:1.5; 1:2; 1:2.5, connectability to TO and TOTA pipes, diameter 60, 80, 100. For TO 60/200 L/I pipes, we produce outlet parts with a classic connection, cut pipe connectability, to TOTA 80/200 L/I and TOTA pipes 100/200 L/I we produce slope elements for a classic joint.

TypeNA opening (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)Wall thickness (mm)kg/pc
LEF 60 1:1.56001130120015751651430
LEF 80 1:1.58001360140019201652110
LEF 100 1:1.510001660160021751652795
LEF 60 1:26001130120020451651800
LEF 80 1:28001360140024451652670
LEF 100 1:210001660160028451653560
LEF 60 1:2.56001130120025151652170
LEF 80 1:2.58001360140030151653230
LEF 100 1:2.510001660160035151654320

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