They are produced for shafts with both classic and rubber joints. The narrowed entrance opening has a diameter of 625 mm. The wall thickness for the 800 mm system is 90 mm, for the 1000 mm diameter it is 120 mm. On request, we can build a riser into the cone (only with a diameter of 1000 mm). The ASZ EU 100/62.5/35 L and ASZ EU 100/62.5/40 L elements allow us to deploy manholes with a limited height. We can also produce cones with an opening of 80 and 60 mm, for an internal shaft diameter of 200 and 160 mm. The material used is concrete class C 25.

TypeInner diameter (mm)
Inner diameter (mm)
Wall thickness
ASZ 80/60/30 L800600100300245
ASZ 100/80/30 L100080090300200
ASZ 200/80/75 L20008001007501550
ASZ 160/60/60 L16006001006001160
ASZ EU 100/62.5/35 L100062590350490
ASZ EU 100/62.5/60 L100062590600625
ASZ EU 100/62.5/60 L+H100062590600625
ASZ EU 100/62.5/40 L/G1000625120400520
ASZ EU 100/62.5/60 L/G1000625120600700
ASZ EU 100/62.5/60 L/G+H1000625120600700

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