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Durisol is an ecological building material on a natural basis, which saves the environment and at the same time maintains excellent physical properties. Its main raw material is wood, which is refined using a special mineralization method and processed with cement and water into a shape. These fittings are 100 % recyclable and are used in the ground construction of houses or in the construction of noise barriers. The fittings are stacked on top of each other dry, while insulation can be inserted into them, and they are then filled with concrete. The Durisol building system thus combines the advantages of wood, the effectiveness of thermal insulation and the strength of concrete. However, Durisol is a versatile and very durable material, thanks to which it has also found its use in garden architecture.

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How Durisol is created

The main raw material in the production of fittings is wood - a renewable resource. Softwood offcuts are used, which can no longer be used technologically during processing. The production is without a burning process with minimal energy consumption. It releases hydrating heat, which helps to heat the production halls in the winter. Using a special method, wood chips are refined through mineralization and processed with cement and water into a molding. These fittings are 100 % recyclable and are shipped without pallets in packets. Polystyrene or mineral wool is added to the inside of the fittings and then the fitting is poured with concrete.

Durisol is created by combining 3 basic materials:

Výroba Durisolu - štiepka
Wood chips
Výroba Durisolu - Cement
Výroba Durisolu - Voda
Výroba Durisolu - Tvarovka

The advantages of individual materials are combined and disadvantages are eliminated.
This creates a unique and innovative system that saves not only nature, but also your health, time and money.

The following can then be added to the fitting:

Tvarovka + Grafitový polystyrén
Graphite polystyrene
Tvarovka + Minerálna vlna
Mineral wool


Thanks to their composition, Durisol fittings take over the properties of wood, they are easy to process, they can be cut, drilled, milled, nailed without losing their properties. Fittings can be processed even in winter and stored on the construction site in any weather. They are light, so working and handling them is very easy.

First, they are stacked dry on top of each other and then poured with concrete. They have a porous surface, which ensures an excellent connection with the plaster (surface treatments) and with the concrete itself (concrete core). Insulation is eliminated, which saves a lot of effort and time. The cavities in the fittings can be used for routing distribution lines and pipes.

Fastening to Durisol is very simple. For common items such as pictures and cabinets, it is normal to use a drill bit the same size as the required hole. In order to fasten weight-intensive objects, such as boilers, boilers and things fixed on consoles, it is necessary to fix them directly into the concrete. Durisol is also suitable for attaching wooden tiles from the interior or exterior.


Depending on the nature of the object being built, Durisol fittings have different thicknesses and properties, which is why they are the ideal building material for all buildings: such as family houses, multi-storey residential buildings, industrial buildings, and office buildings. Thanks to the concrete core, they are a stable construction that allows the architect's variable and original ideas to be realized even up to several floors high.

In addition to earthworks, they are often requested for the construction of noise barriers, and they are even made into special terrace flower pots that have found application in garden architecture. The offer also includes other products for the home and garden, such as palisades, a wine cabinet or raised flower beds, which are also made from Durisol.


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