Durisol raised flower bed

The Durisol raised bed is very variable in terms of dimensions and purpose of use. It is functional and, thanks to its simple and clean lines, elegant in shape at the same time. It is characterized by an absolutely natural composition, which creates ideal conditions for growing ornamental and useful plants. It can even be used as a composter. It can also be placed in the grassy part of the garden, while it is not required to place a foil on the bottom. The container with the growth thus remains in contact with the surrounding nature. A big advantage of the innovative flower bed is its simple assembly. The finished container does not need to be additionally insulated and there is no need to install a special foundation, only the lower supporting base is created.

ProductObrázokDimensions (cm)Colorkg/pcParts (pcs)Number of connecting wedgesNumber of transverse reinforcing bars
Durisol raised flower bed: square shape (K)120x120x80Hnedá, Antracit, Béžová, Zelená, Žltá350164
Durisol raised flower bed: rectangle shape (R)120x230x80Hnedá, Antracit, Béžová, Zelená, Žltá5302462
Durisol raised flower bed: L shape230x230x80Hnedá, Antracit, Béžová, Zelená, Žltá7203284
Durisol raised bed: U shape230x340x80Hnedá, Antracit, Béžová, Zelená, Žltá105048128
Durisol raised bed: shape U1230x450x80Hnedá, Antracit, Béžová, Zelená, Žltá1 250561410
Durisol raised flower bed part10x120x20Hnedá, Antracit, Béžová, Zelená, Žltá20
Durisol raised bed part for the shape of a hexagon10x110x20Hnedá, Antracit, Béžová, Zelená, Žltá20
Galvanized rod - Connecting wedgeheight=80cm 1
Transverse reinforcing bard=100cm 1


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