Finely ground crushed aggregate lends elegance and nobility to the plates. At the same time, the natural crushed stone guarantees the extraordinary durability and abrasion resistance of the plates. The final shot blasting creates a fine structure on the surface of the plates, which ensures walking safety and non-slip. Edge processing can be SOFTLINE® or HARDLINE®. The plates have a non-slip surface, resistant to sprinkler salts, with a Kaiser-clean surface treatment. They are suitable for both interior and exterior use. Installation is very easy with the help of jointing crosses. There is a choice of washed or shot blasted surface.

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Dimensions (wxdxh) cmColor Weight kg/pcPalette pcsLKW palletConsumption pcs/m2
40x40x3.7Altwien, Schönbrunn, Nussdorf, Edlitzer, Belvedere1452246,1
60x40x3.9Altwien, Schönbrunn, Nussdorf, Edlitzer, Belvedere2140224



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