Pole and fence canopies

Stĺpové a plotové striešky

Canopies are designed to finish columns, fences or walls. They are suitable for all modern tiles as their natural surface creates an interesting play of light and shadow. Their finish is Natur.

Dimensions (wxdxh) cmColorWeight kg/pcPalette pcsLKW palletConsumption pcs/bm
Pole canopy-25 (25x25x4)Grey, washed out grey4,572221 pc/column
Pole canopy-30 (30x30x4)Grey, washed out grey772221 pc/column
Pole canopy-35 (35x35x4)Grey, washed out grey9,354221 pc/column
Pole canopy-40 (40x40x4)Grey, washed out grey12,354221 pc/column
Pole canopy-50 (50x50x4)Grey, washed out grey2036221 pc/column
Fence canopy-20 (49x20x4)Grey, washed out grey7,690222 pcs/bm
Fence canopy-25 (49x25x4)Grey, washed out grey9,472222 pcs/bm
Fence canopy-30 (49x30x4)Grey, washed out grey1272222 pcs/bm
Fence canopy-35 (49x35x4)Grey, washed out grey13,854222 pcs/bm
Fence canopy-40 (49x40x4)Grey, washed out grey16,254222 pcs/bm
Fence canopy-50 (49x50x4)Grey, washed out grey20,136222 pcs/bm



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