Modern nature

Plotový prvok Modern natur

The MODERN fence element is suitable for modern houses. Thanks to its classic and simple design, it matches modern architecture with simple geometric shapes made of concrete, steel and glass. Thanks to the beveled edges, an interesting play of light and shadow is created on the surface of the fence. It has a Natur finish.

The use:

Accessories - fence canopies

Dimensions (wxdxh) cmColor Weight kg/pcPalette pcsLKW palletConsumption pcs/m2
40x20x20 (normal part)Broken white18482212,5
20x20x20 (half piece)Broken white9962225
40x20x20 (corner piece)Broken white12,5
40x20x20 (normal part)Folded white brocade18482225
20x20x20 (half piece)Folded white brocade9962212,5
40x20x20 (corner piece)Folded white brocade12,5



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