Movado dry masonry element

Prvok na suché murovanie Movado

With the MOVADO masonry element, thanks to the various elements, you can create any image of the wall, despite its strict geometry and lines. The structure of the finished wall will enchant you with the play of light and shadow. MOVADO elements are modern and easy to combine. Each built wall will be unique thanks to these elements. These elements are very easy to handle and can be combined with different building styles. They have a distinctive appearance and a Natur finish.

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Dimensions (wxdxh) cmColorWeight kg/m2Pallet m2LKW palletConsumption pcs/m2
mix of sizes in the package
14x7x21, 28x14x21, 21x7x21, 35x14x21, 28x7x21, 14x21x21, 35x7x21, 21x21x21, 14x14x21, 28x21x21, 21x14x21, 35x21x21
Smoke Crystal, Fuoco, Sepia4702,461946,3



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