Leiertherm / Leierplan 45 N+F

The element is intended for perimeter load-bearing walls with a thickness of 45 cm. A product with excellent thermal insulation properties intended for the construction of perimeter walls. The shape of the ribbing and the tongue + groove system enable a quick and economic construction method.

ProductDimensions (cm)pcs/m2kg/pcPalettepcs/pallet
LeierPLAN 45 N+F45x25x24.91619EUR45 (50)*
Leiertherm 45 N+F45x25x23.81619,5EUR50

* Petrovany brickyard


  • Ideal thermal protection
  • balanced thermal stability
  • natural spatial climate
  • positive effect on health
  • optimal diffusion permeability
  • resistance to water and humidity
  • resistance to rot, mold, pests and chemical influences
  • excellent acoustic properties and noise protection
  • high degree of fire resistance
  • strength, stability and security
  • flexibility of construction and architectural concept
  • fast and economical construction
  • long-term service life and preservation of the value of the property
  • positive ecological properties

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